Thursday, December 20, 2012



Interview by Raselebeli Khotseng

Question: Who’s Thabo Mafike?

Answer: Mafike is a pastor, Author and Motivational Speaker

What’s the purpose of the tournament?

To decrease escalation of crime caused by gangsters, especially in Bultfontein through sport

How did you come to this conclusion/Inspired you?

I was inspired by the arrest of my cousin who was a member of a gangster in Bultfontein. Most of these gangsters’ members are soccer players and this made me to decide to come up with this project so as to rehabilitate them.

When did this project begin?

It started four years ago, around 2009.

Who are the participants here?

Youth from Bultfontein and North West (Makwasi). Those gangsters’ members who are not participating playing a role of supporting role. Moreover, this is important as it is occurred during festive season when crime is escalating.

Are there any other participants except those mentioned?

Yes, this year we have included ladies’ soccer and athletics

How will you start the tournament?

It will start by a lecture on Wednesday the 12th – 14th at Town Library. On Friday the 14th at 12 a.m it will be an open ceremony at Phahameng Hall where councilors, community and Ikgawatletle Primary school children together with its school majorettes will be addressed by the mayor in his opening ceremony

Any sponsors supporting you?

Yes, NYDA will give vouchers to young business people and talk to them about business success. Another is Channel for Life Network from Jo’burg will partner with them and sponsor metals and trophies for men of the matches. TNT sponsors the main trophy for overall winner whilst Visible Speed will invest thirty thousand rand into the tournament for three years. Herbal Life sponsored sports bottles for the second and third winners; UOVS will address young ones on farming methods. The Tswelopele Municipality in Bultfontein has agreed to provide accommodation and stadium for participants; and Lefika radio Station will cover the events in general for the populace.

What are your achievements thus far?

From its inception every year two students are sent to tertiary institutions, whilst P.C Tech gave out some learnerships. Presently, three players from Theunissen have been scouted by BFN Celtic.

What’s your goal in this venture?

It is to make this a qualifying tournament that creates jobs for unemployed youth and also to meet Oprah Winfrey to register some Free State girls in her girls’ School…lastly, I intend to visit Brazil if God allows me, to meet a team that will scout players for 2014 Tournament.