Tuesday, March 19, 2013


TIISETSO THIBA is a young man very much enamoured with the world of literature, especially poetry. Apart from being an established poet, he is also a short story writer and essayist. His works have appeared in many newspapers, journals, books and on the internet. Here he speaks about how he fell in love with writing, the mechanics, his inspiration, his favourite authors etc

Perhaps a few words about yourself first?

First of all I'm a meek soul, Originaly from the hamlet called Ganyesa in North Province. I'm a Writer/a performing poet,essayst, commenter on literature blogs. I Like media as a whole because is my

Any literary projects you are working on now?
I'm busy with my long over due book, and I can't declare when it will hit the shelves because I've realised that the more it is taking a while is there more is getting matured. I do believe I have to create
hype for myself before I realesed my book, because I've seen many artists fail in this industry by rushing to release their book, and people didn't bother to buy their books 'cos they don't know them at all. E.g Sabata Mpho Mokae took something like a decade to release his debut Anthology, and his book was well received because society knew what he was doing.

What are some of the challenges artists face these days?

The challenges that Artist are facing nowadays include Marketing for their work, The principles or Rules that draws a line regarding Artist expression, because if you can express yourself about situation bothering your society or nation as an artist you'll be restricted to perform in the future because they consider you as a rotten potato! This might affect others.

You have a lot of respect for FS Writing?

Ha ha - Free State Is the province that made me who I am today in terms of growth of my writing and publicity, E.g newspapers like Free State News,NC Times, and Northern Cape Express published My work... and Obrigado to all of them.

Any way forward generally?

What could change Literature and industry and benefit the Artist  is liberation of expressions with no boundaries or red lines not to cross by those who are in the helm. It was on the sunday 17-03-2013 on The
Big Date Show, where the core topic was about the Artist and their challeges, it is on the show when Dr Mongane Wally Serote said Artists' rights must not violate others rights and as Artists we should decide
to build the nation or destroy it. and it means the answer is up to any soul call Artist to verdict to build the nation or destroy it by their works or expressions.

Any role models?

I personally look up to those who build and bring changes to the society and the nation we living in. I have plenty of names to quote but I'll avoid the dawn to shadow us before the we wrap up our interview and I dedicate my revere to those who took part in building my career. Respect to all of you My Kings.

Which books are you currently reading?

The books I'm reading at the moment include 'To Every Birth Its Blood by Mongane Wally Seretote, Indaba My Children by Credo Mutwa, Nko Ya Kgomo by T.L.Tsambo. I believe in reading 2 to 3 books in a month. Much Respect to Vigorous Writers and power to the Artist....