Friday, July 25, 2008

Urbain Tila - man behind "Bloemllywood"!

Urbain Tila – man behind “Bloemllywood”!

“Bloemllywood” – in collaboration with Josh 158 Records has introduced locally produced movies to the Free State. On Sunday July 20, NOT OVER YET (a DVD) was launched in Bloemfontein. Richenzo spoke to the moving spirit behind Bloemllywood, Mr Urbain Tila

Q: Mr. Tila, how did it all start, sir?

TILA: It was like a dream, the germination of an idea. “Oaks from little acorns grow” as they say. The world knows about the iconic Hollywood in America, Bollywood in India, and Nollywood in Nigeria. So why not “bloemllywood”, in the heart of the Free State in South Africa? What heartened me most has been the incredible co-operation I have got from everybody at large.

Q: I read somewhere that you have also been impressed with the natural (acting) talents of the cast?

TILA: It’s incredible, really! Just watch any of our productions and you will see how good these actors and actresses are. It’s in their blood. Like Selloane! They are great professionals as far as I am concerned because they are selfless, competent and so dedicated. I believe the future is very bright for the movie Industry here.

Q: What about finance?

TILA: Of course it was not easy raising funds but so many people chipped in to help, individuals and companies. I am grateful for all this. I must mention the likes of Me Soabi Wemima and Christian Omamatu (Chico). I must also thank Mpho Mpobole for her great contributions to the industry here.

Q: How do you manage to write the scripts, direct, and also produce?

TILA: (laughing) I also act! It’s all about passion. I have always loved the world of acting and drama. It’s so fulfilling seeing one’s dreams coming true
The cast of NOT OVER YET includes Gladys Motsumi, Tshepo Sebotha, Tlokotsi Tejane, and Thato Selogilwe

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